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"Penny is an excellent therapist. I saw Penny following a bereavement which had uncovered some other deep seated issues which needed addressing. She is caring, empathetic and non judgmental. She helped me to understand the difficulties I was experiencing by explaining the psychology behind my anxieties. I felt uplifted each week after talking to her and the cloud hanging over me began to lift. Penny also challenged some of the things I thought and some of the ways I lived which has been very liberating. She has encouraged my free spirited nature to come to the fore and in doing so, helped me to move forward from my grief. I thoroughly recommend Penny to any one experiencing difficulties"
VT, St. Albans

"Penny is the full package. She is an expert in her field and makes it work because she has that innate ability to connect with you. Penny clearly has a passion for what she does and is driven by the desire to resolve issues and fulfil potential in everyone she works with. In a therapist I was looking for a complex set of clinical and personal skills that gave me the best chance of resolving some deeply imbedded issues. In all honesty I could not have asked for more from my sessions with Penny and am grateful for her support."
JG, St. Albans

"Penny's assistance for more than 18 months was absolutely invaluable. Her incite into the human condition has helped me understand so much more about myself and others. Non judgemental and non prescriptive, she shares her thoughts and views in a way that is clear, constructive, relevant and thought-provoking, based on many years of professional experience. I genuinely looked forward to our sessions and can only thank Penny for helping me unlock many things that had been holding me back on a personal level."
CPB, London

"My sessions with Penny over the last few months have been very helpful in a number of different ways, many of which were far beyond my original expectations.

Firstly, I feel more empowered to take on the obvious challenges I face in the process of separating from my wife.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Penny's psychodynamic approach has brought me to a greater understanding of the roots of the scripts I typically follow in many of my relationships. This has therefore provided me with an opportunity to be more accepting of myself. As a result I suffer less frequently from periods of lethargy, or depression, and I can better visualise who I am, what is important to me and how to focus on doing things that I know will make me happy. This in turn has created a positive effect on my confidence, my ability to make decisions and helped me feel more optimistic about the future.

Penny is a good listener and has a unique style that is all at once inspiring, challenging and yet also structured in such a way as to guide one very quickly to areas of that need to be explored.

I would recommend her sevices to anyone in need of help and guidance through troubled times."
NB, London

"I came to Penny after my second marriage failed, I wanted help understanding how both my marriages had ended in similar fashion. For the first time I was going to live on my own which terrified me. After 10 months of weekly sessions I am a changed man. I now have balance of mind, body and spirit and am extremely happy with my life and myself. I walk tall and confidently, and understand my place in the world, which I now know is such a wonderful place. Prior to my therapy, I didn’t understand what was missing from my life but now I only wish I’d found this peace, this happiness, when I was younger. Whatever I expected from my therapy, wherever I expected to end up, it wasn’t where I am now. It fulfilled all my needs and so many of them I didn’t even know I had. I know wherever I go from here I will go a happier and more fulfilled person. Thank you so much for what you have helped me achieve, its really is life changing."
NS, London

"Having spent most of my life being past from therapist to therapist I had given up. Having one final push to seek help I found Penny. I was very sceptical at first but now I have found the one therapist that has not only helped me but helped others around me. Penny is amazing and is on the same page as me. She totally understands and strives to push me. I could not have wished for a better therapist".
HK, London

"Working as a trader within the financial markets has not always been met with empathy by previous therapists. I have found Penny as someone who has helped provide the environment for me to improve my overal well-being and help develop both my personal and professional life. Penny's insights and intuition have been invaluable in helping me achieve my goals in a forever challenging industry."
SG, London

"Throughout my sessions with Penny I have been encouraged and supported in resolving difficult issues. I have learned to deal with these due to Penny's great understanding and guidance, as well as gaining techniques to deal with stress and anxiety. Penny has helped me to make sense of my behaviours and emotions and I have been guided to go forward with a positive mind set so that now my goals seem achievable, I could never have imagined this. Penny is very good at what she does, her empathy and intuition comes naturally. I would highly recommend her."
CR, St. Albans

"Penny helped me work through some difficult emotions and gain insight and understanding into my patterns of relating. Her warm presence was welcoming and encouraging and I emerged from therapy with a more integrated sense of self which has improved my life significantly."
NB, London

"With the help and support of Penny, I was able to look inside myself and stop many of the behaviours and traits that were holding me back and stopping me from being happy with myself. Penny's given me the tools to believe in myself and grow. Thank you Penny, your help has been invaluable."
DW, London

"I approached counselling a little sceptical but I leave knowing it was one of the most important journeys of my life. With Penny's help, I have gained insight into my behaviours and feelings. I have learned to be kinder to myself, rather than criticise and judge. Therapy can be a challenging experience and Penny has been a wonderful companion, helping me to open and grow. I started as a sceptic and I leave a convert. It seems to me that therapy is a journey that everyone could benefit from, to know and understand themselves and be insightful in this world. Thank you Penny for all you've done."
VW, London

"Counselling offers me a way to make sense of the thoughts and feelings that have shaped my sense of self, and through this freedom from them. The process has often felt like a challenge that I couldn't meet, at these times Penny has been a constant."
KT, St.Albans

"Since giving birth to my first child I went from being a positive character to someone who felt anxious, low and confused by my thoughts. Penny has helped me make sense of my feelings and understand how the past has caused this period in my life. I believe talking to Penny has made me a more happier person then I ever truly was."
AC, St. Albans

"Having become frustrated by lack of progress in previous therapy and the difficulty in finding the right therapist I e-mailed Penny because she was based close to home. In searching for that elusive therapist who could combine clinical expertise with empathy, care, support and intuitive understanding; my hope was that Penny would be able to offer some of these traits. It would be unfair to limit Penny's skills and capabilities to this list. Penny is a natural therapist who through diagnosis and therapy will nurture and where necessary get tough but crucially, sticks with you every step of the way."
JG, St. Albans

"Over many years, I have experienced many challenges. What I continued to do was ignore why I was getting more stressed and anxious. I had a breakdown on two occasions. On the first I ignored things and continued to battle on mentally and physically exhausted. After the second, I worked with Penny. She has helped me navigate some fundamental issues over the course of the last year. Life's stresses and strains don't go away - but I have got rid of the anxiety and learned to surf the waves of life much better. This is all down to my work with Penny. I would highly recommend working with her."
CG, St. Albans

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