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Couple Counselling

Couples having difficulties relating to One Another

Arguments always seem to be one sided where one partner makes all the noise as the other quietly tries to keep the peace. It's possible that you both have a problem expressing your feelings, but together you are able to reassure each other that emotions can be managed. All relationships go through difficult times - it's how you make sense of those times that makes the difference between remaining together or deciding to go your separate ways.

How I work with Couples

Each course of therapy is uniquely tailored to the couples presenting issues and particular needs. I may ask couples to try out certain strategies in the hope that each individual will begin to communicate in a more objective way whilst facilitating open dialogue and active listening skills between each partner so that more of an empathetic understanding of one another is achieved.

I work with couples of varying orientations, heterosexual, LGBTQ+; married or co-habiting; separating or divorcing; with or without children to consider.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of couple counselling are variable due to each couple being a unique dynamic. No couple operate in the same way. Some of the results can be surprising to each partner as the therapeutic process unfolds. Couple counselling can help you to:-

Identify repressed attitudes towards one another
Highlight dysfunctional patterns of communicating
Help to resolve difficult conflicts
Achieve authentic ways of communicating without fear or anxiety
Increase awareness, empathy and understanding

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